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2009 Commitments

The players from our original TLC 2009 team are now in their first year of college play. We are very proud of these girls and the contribution they made to TLC. We wish them all the best of luck in their college careers.

  • Abby Bisbee, Georgetown University
  • Kelsi Bozel, Georgetown University
  • Ashley Cahill, Loyola University
  • Grace Emerick, University of Vermont
  • Erin Laschinger, University of Virginia
  • Kelsey MacDonald, James Madison University
  • Brooke Martin, Virginia Tech
  • Betsy Mastropieri, University of Notre Dame
  • Sarah Matz, University of Maryland
  • Kate Prebil, University of Denver
  • Margaret Szczerbicki, Cornell University
  • Annie Thomas, University of Virginia
  • Sophia Thomas, Georgetown University
  • Charlotte Welbourn, Tufts University

I will always remember the #1 saying at TLC, “It comes from the heart,” and I know that when I am in a close game or playing a rival team, I will think back to the many times you told us that during our time on TLC.